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Online Private Tutoring Trainings

Online tutoring has become a popular way for children, teenagers and adults to update on their chosen subjects. Many have chosen online tutoring due to the pandemic but they are now thinking about implementing it full-time in their schedules due to convenience, accessibility and technology. Online tutoring can help children with their school performance and adults with upgrading their skills for their job.

Are you a student or adult who is interested in gaining or refreshing your knowledge in computer literacy?

Triad offer online Private tutorial trainings in Computer basics and Microsoft office applications like Excel, Word, Publisher, PowerPoint, SharePoint etc

Benefits of online tutoring.

1. Accessibility

Through online tutoring, students are able to access tutoring services without geographical constraints or transportation issues. The only prerequisites are a computer and internet connection.

2. Time Saving

Timesaving is one of the key benefits of online tutoring programs, as the entire lesson can be completed whenever it's most convenient for the student and the tutor, at their own pace, no matter where they may be. This makes it easier to fit tedious activities such as studying into their daily busy schedules.

3. Cost Savings

Another online tutoring benefit is the money it can save. Utilizing an online tutoring platform, students can access a personalized learning experience and quality private tutoring without the expense associated with in-person tuition, allowing them to take online lessons and control their own educational progress and study habits without fear of debt.

4. Flexibility

You can have online tutoring sessions at any time that's convenient for you and your tutor. This makes it easier for a student to fit tutoring into a busy academic or extracurricular schedule. With online tutoring, you aren't constrained to the brick-and-mortar limitations of having to be in the same physical space as your tutor. Instead, all that's required is an internet connection, allowing access to the world’s knowledge at any time, from anywhere.

5. Comfort

Online tutoring offers amazing opportunities to explore knowledge in a convenient, flexible, and comfortable learning environment. From the comfort of your own home, or any location that suits you - online tutoring allows students to access expert tutors without travel hassle or disruption.

Online Private Tutorial Cost

Private Tutorial Cost is AWG 60,00 per hour.

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