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Divorce Mediation Service

Can your partner and you still communicate well with each other? And just need help with the procedure and arrangements of the divorce? In that case, you are good candidates to arrange your divorce with the help of a mediator. A mediator can help you in a legal and solution-oriented manner during the mediation.

What is mediation?

Mediation works by having conversations between two parties and a mediator (the mediator). The mediator helps parties reach agreements around issues that could cause conflict. The mediator lets both parties tell stories and tries to find a middle ground between them.

What is divorce mediation?

If you are getting divorced, you can choose to use a mediator or lawyers. If you are still on good terms with your partner, you can use a mediator instead of 2 lawyers. That way you can try to work things out together. Even in the case of joint children with your partner, it is better to divorce through mediation. This way you can still come out of it without it becoming a fighting divorce. Furthermore, the mediator ensures that all agreements regarding the divorce are recorded in a divorce covenant, also known as a settlement agreement. This is a document that contains all the agreements regarding the divorce.

What does divorce mediation cost?

If you and your partner both want a divorce and are still on speaking terms, mediation is a cheaper option than costs of two lawyers.

How long does divorce through mediation take?

Divorce through mediation is usually completed faster than through a 2 lawyers divorce. Because you try to find solutions together, the divorce goes faster than if your own lawyer has to constantly respond to the other's lawyer. Once the covenant is made, it goes to the court along with the petition. So you don't have to go to court for a hearing yourself. So this saves a lot of time and money!

Why mediation?

One of the advantages of mediation is that it is cheaper. In addition, the divorce proceedings are usually completed faster with mediation. This is because your partner and you try to reach a solution together. A mediator is neutral, supports and advises you on all the important issues regarding the divorce. Has the agreement been signed by both of you? Then the divorce proceedings are just a formality. The cost of a mediator is lower than if you hire your own lawyer. Furthermore, you save not only costs, but also time and energy.

Is mediation mandatory?

Mediation is not mandatory. Mediation is, however, the most economical and efficient way to divorce. Problems are resolved among themselves rather than in court.

What if mediation fails?

Does mediation ultimately fail? Then both of you must hire your own lawyer to handle the divorce. Mediation is only possible if you can come to an agreement together and agree to the arrangements you have made.

Are you divorcing and need a mediator?